With over 15 guests including influencers, media personnel, celebrities and medical professionals in attendance, ground-breaking Australian brand Microskin launched its very first center in Pakistan on January 1st, 2019. The center, located at DHA in Karachi, is the headquarters of Microskin Pakistan, home to Microskin, a specially created pigment for the purpose of color correction and camouflaging skin conditions.

World's First Simulated Skin Brand, Microskin, Launches in Pakistan

Crafted with care by the brightest of minds, Microskin is made of organic ingredients and essential oils and acts as a simulated second skin when applied to the epidermis (top layer of skin). The waterproof and breathable product is the only one of its kind in the world, able to cover skin pigmentation, Vitiligo, Burns, Scars, Discolouration, and tattoos perfectly.

World's First Simulated Skin Brand, Microskin, Launches in Pakistan

As attendees mingled at the launch of the center, demonstrations of the product and the state-of-the-art facilities took place for the press, as the extensively trained staff showed how they use a patented digitalized technology and a specially designed software to ‘read’ the human skin and create the specifically customizable Microskin simulated second skin for individual skin tones.

World's First Simulated Skin Brand, Microskin, Launches in PakistanThe brainchild of Linda Lowndes, who had Microskin created in Brisbane after years of research in cosmetic chemistry, the product was an instant success and took the world by storm, expanding to the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and now Pakistan. Microskin Pakistan is the sole licensee of Microskin International Australia and the exclusive provider of the miraculous product.

“While basic healthcare is essential, I feel that the psychological health and confidence is as important since these have a positive impact on individual performance. Microskin not only camouflages skin conditions but also helps in overcoming limitations hence yielding improved confidence. Bringing an internationally proven revolutionary product Microskin to Pakistan, is just one small step towards this direction”

– Salman Alvi, the CEO of Microskin Pakistan.

The center will continue Microskin’s vision to lead in skin simulation technology, and offer products that only work to change consumer preferences for wholesome choices, and help them achieve a better quality of life.