“And the stench of the sea and the absence of green                                                         Are the death of all things that are seen and unseen                                                         Not an end, but the start of all things that are left to do

Wasteland, baby
I’m in love, I’m in love with you

That’s it…

 “I couldn’t utter my love when it counted
Ah, but I’m singing like a bird, ’bout it now                                                                       And I couldn’t whisper when you need it shouted                                                              Ah, but I’m singing like a bird ’bout it now”

                  “ Then when I met you my virtues uncounted
All of my goodness is going with you now…”

Providing you with just a taste of what Hozier entails and, to be honest, if his music isn’t contemporary poetry in its prime, then I don’t know what is.

P.S. If these verses didn’t manage to shift something in you then I’m sorry, you lack that certain depth and this article and Hozier aren’t for you. Exit right away!

And as for the rest of you, who (just like me) are going gaga over and are here to indulge yourself in the art that is ‘Folk/blues/soul’ music and better yet HOZIER, read right on!

After four years in hibernation with us begging for another one, and teasing us here and there, the ‘Take Me To Church’ artist has (FINALLY) bestowed his second studio album “Wasteland, Baby!” upon us and WE CAN’T KEEP OUR CALM!

The album was released on the 1st of March this year and comprises 14 of the artist’s musings, each one bound to plunge you into a whole other dimension of existence!

What You Need To Know About Hozier's "Wasteland, Baby!"

First of all, looking at this over-6-feet tall hunk…..with that alluring stubble….and the unruly mane…. *snaps herself out of the Hozier trance* I mean who of us can imagine melodies so soulful, filled-with-experiential-aches merged with such bluesy artistry…

But yes!

God has favored the profound music maniacs this time. You hear us correct. You’re not dreaming. Stop pinching yourself already!!

What You Need To Know About Hozier's "Wasteland, Baby!"

Now to the ‘Wasteland, Baby!’

The first thing you see when you see his cover (keeping in mind his LOVE songs) is that he is underwater. Now, what perplexes my overly-analytic mind is whether Hozier in any way, even slightly, is alluding to the point that that is how it actually feels like to be in love?

The metaphor could have endless explanations as well; don’t fixate on the negative connotations solely, though. We have the ray of light peeking through in one of the covers, which could be portraying hope amidst all of the drowning and suffocation.

This is just my view-point keeping his covers as the sole target. Don’t forget to give us yours in the comments below as well. Go crazy!

What You Need To Know About Hozier's "Wasteland, Baby!"

The album, along with “Nina Cried Power” and “Shrike” from the 2018 EP “Nina Cried Power” constitutes of:

  • Nina Cried Power (feat. Mavis Staples)

  • Almost (Sweet Music)

  • Movement

  • No Plan

  • Nobody

  • To Noise Making (Sing)

  • As It Was

  • Shrike

  • Talk

  • Be

  • Dinner & Diatribes

  • Would That I

  • Sunlight

  • Wasteland, Baby!

While each item is yet another saga of a poetic piece, depicting Hozier’s version of Love, Faith, Apocalyptic Serenity (as witnessed in “Wasteland, Baby!” as well), my favorites have to be “Shrike” and “Wasteland, Baby!”. Along with his sonorous voice sweeping us away into a whole other facet of being, his lyrics are just like a cherry on the cake, depicting his take on the notion and instances of ‘Love’.


“Remember me love, when I’m reborn

                        As a Shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn.”

‘Shrike’ is a pure portrayal birthed when one loses their beloved, aren’t able to appreciate what they had when they had it and the only thing left for them to do now is to repent.

If you’ve freshly broken up and want to smother yourself with regretful tears. This song is for you.

P.S. only Hozier can do justice to relating ‘Love’ to a Shrike and a thorn.

“Wasteland, Baby!”

Best believe that half of the reason why I listen to this 5-minute-long song is just for that 2-second whispered ‘that’s it’ at the end.

After finishing it for the first time, I had to sit back, take it in, contemplate and ponder upon it for a good hour then go and lecture my family on the art-personified that is ‘Hozier’.

Sharing the title of the album which constantly reminds me of T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ as well, Hozier compares falling in love to an apocalyptic happening but it doesn’t necessarily carry the expected negative undertone but relates more to a new beginning!

This piece actually feels like it has been recorded underwater (you’ll have to listen to it to actually relate) accompanying Hozier’s mellow and rustic voice.

The exclamation mark suggests an upbeat song but trust me, it’s even better and constitutes a certain purity that ‘Love’ carries with the lyrics as simple as

“I’m in love, I’m in love with you…”

Go stream the album and let us know about your take on it in the comments below!