Ever poured yourself a freshly squeezed glass of juice and wondered “I wish I could put that on my face”? Well, even if you didn’t, that’s totally possible now!


Turn Your Juice Into A Face Mask!A lot of brands have been coming out with their own face mask making machines lately and they’re all actually pretty similar in design as well as function. Some of the ones trending on Amazon are the EgoEra Multifunction facial mask maker, PowMax PF001 Collagen Facial Mask Maker, and the AnGeer smart mask machine, among many others.

This new device comes with a small and portable round shaped machine- which prepares the mask- a measuring cup, a mask plate, and a box of collagen tablets. You can basically put anything in the device and it will make a mask out of it, as long as it’s in liquid form.


Turn Your Juice Into A Face Mask!


So you can use fruit or vegetable juice, or even milk or honey, which is pretty cool. The device uses 20 ml of the juice or mixture, which is poured through a hole on the top of the device, 60 ml of purified water, and a single collagen tablet. It takes a few minutes to prepare the mask and then pours it into a mask plate.


Turn Your Juice Into A Face Mask!


After a few minutes of solidifying, the mask takes a jelly-like consistency and you’re supposed to carefully scrape it from the edges, take it out of the plate, and put on your face like all other face masks, except this is pretty much jelly so it starts to slip off if you’re sitting upright.


Turn Your Juice Into A Face Mask!


Once you successfully get it on your face, leave it on for as long as you wish, and that’s pretty much all there is to it!

We can’t really comment on the absorption efficiency or the nutritional benefits of this jelly-like mask, since it leaves no product on your face to smooth into your skin after you peel it off, but it’s still a super quick and a genius way of making facial masks at home, and just looks pure exciting!

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Turn Your Juice Into A Face Mask!