Truth or Dare is a Hollywood movie, based on the genre of supernaturalism with a combination of horror and suspense. It was directed by Jeff Wadlow and written by Michael Reisz.

The movie gained a high grosser but due to its some major deficiencies, it could not make up to people’s expectations!

Therefore, we are here to present you a review in order to either make you want to watch this movie by making you curious or never to watch it in your life!

Truth about the movie "Truth or Dare"

If the name of this movie is considered, it will give us an image that this movie will be full of a bunch of events that will make us all go crazy. However, the story of the movie was not clearly presented!

So, the movie begins when a group of 5-6 friends who go on a trip to Mexico. There they make their way to a party where one of the friends named Olivia (Lucy Hale) gets harassed by someone and is rescued by an old fellow named Carter (Landon Laboiron). Carter introduces a game named “Truth or Dare” to the group and they all start playing, confessing all their secrets.

Well, I would never confess anything no matter how intense a game is or gets!

Truth about the movie "Truth or Dare"

Before further proceeding, I would tell you a little about what the game is about. A person, who starts playing the game, gets totally confined and cannot get out as there is a no way out. At every level, he is given a dare, that he has to complete before the deadline otherwise he will be killed if the task is not fulfilled.

Truth about the movie "Truth or Dare"

Therefore, after being trapped into the web of the game, the friends are left with no choice but to fulfill all the tasks. They were compelled to do things like: hitting a friends hand with a hammer, confessing to a relationship with a friend’s boyfriend, walking the boundary of the roof at night and so on.

The strangest part was the awful expression made by the person when asking “Truth or Dare”. Every time that expression was displayed by the characters, it made me want to turn off the TV!  It was something like in these pictures:

Truth about the movie "Truth or Dare"

Truth about the movie "Truth or Dare"

However, I had the strength to watch it.

The movie further advances when the friends who managed to save their lives from this bizarre puzzle of a game, try to rescue themselves permanently from this game. After a great research, they meet a woman to ask for her help. She told them that their lives could be saved if the last person who induced the game would sacrifice his tongue. Now, this is something actually so peculiar!

As a consequence, they ask that person (Carter) at gunpoint to do the ritual but, before he could go through with it, one of the friends accidentally kills him and thus, they lose the chance to save themselves. However, Olivia is a determined woman who doesn’t accept defeat and asks the demon to reveal any other way to liberate everyone.

After all these efforts, she finally is able to save the lives of millions of people. The last scene of the movie, like most of the horror movies, was full of indecorous scenes which made me wonder whether I was watching an animated movie.

Overall, the movie was good but some scenes involved in it made it more fun than being just a horror flick! I would recommend you to watch it once but at your own risk and will rate it as 3/5.