Not every mistake or embarrassing moment has to be a waste. That’s the thing about life; it’s a wonderful, crazy adventure, sometimes erratic, sometimes unpredictable. But, it’s beautiful.Travelogue: Adventures in Being Stood Up

My story started off a tinder date asking to meet her at a concert roughly an hour and a half away, a man I’ve never heard before; Romeo Santos.

I decided: why not?

Life’s short, she was pretty, and as any single guy looking for an adventure to write home about I did the natural thing, bought the ticket and waited.

Well, she never showed, a little embarrassing; in a city I’ve never been to before, at a concert I never imagined I’d be at. But the money was spent and I was already there; so I waited for the show to start and to enjoy myself while I was there.Travelogue: Adventures in Being Stood Up

The concert was amazing, vibrant, full of life, the air was even electric; pretty much how all the good ones go. If you ever get the chance to see Romeo Santos, I’d give it a shot. I stood the entire concert half leaning on a railing enticed by the music and the feel. Even if I couldn’t understand a single word anyone said, being how it was in Spanish, I enjoyed myself.

The concert is where the story should have ended with a ride home in silence, maybe binging one of my favorite podcasts and a vow to not meet a stranger that far away again. Even though I probably will, some lessons are harder learned than others.Travelogue: Adventures in Being Stood Up

But God had other plans for me for the night.

My car wouldn’t start. Forty minutes later triple-A discovers my battery was fine but I was leaking fuel. I was told to push it out of the parking garage. I dragged my car and was able to angle it down and put it in neutral. The only problem now was the parking garage was designed to go up to leave not down. I became trapped at the lowest end with no way out.


Two hours passed and I got bored, I was determined to enjoy myself regardless of the nonsense. That’s when I took out my bicycle I keep in my car for my clients and rode around an abandoned Parking Garage.

Even at one am in the morning, there was a magical quality to the air; the temperature was just right, being isolated in a place that should otherwise be terrifying. It seemed like the perfect end to an insane day. Travelogue: Adventures in Being Stood Up

Never forget just because there’s a hiccup or something unexpected; have fun. Find the joy in something ridiculous, I probably won’t remember that girl’s name. But I’ll remember that night. Here’s Justin Morton signing off!