13 reasons why is a teenage serial that streamed on Netflix last year about Hannah Bakers’ (Katherine Langford) suicide who leaves behind 13 mysterious tapes, each about an individual behind the reasons of her suicide.

But that was last year. This year Season 2 came out which has become one of the most talked about Netflix releases of the year. It is the continuation of the same story, where Hannah Baker’s parents and her close friends try to get to the bottom of what really happened with Hannah.

The Vexatious Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

The show was not based on a true story but it was somewhat based on the reality that teens face in this century. We all might know someone around us who is suffering from all of this. Be it bullying, rape, and what not.

“Why is it kids don’t tell their parents anything, ever… Is it shame or fear? Are you afraid we’ll understand?”

The more we grow, the more we start to keep things to us and the less we share with our parents. Honestly, many parents don’t know what they don’t know.

The Vexatious Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

The second season begins with a video disclaimer that the series will deal with potentially more disturbing subject matter including violence, sexual assaults, abuses, and suicidal behavior. There were a lot of mysterious things that happened in Hannah Baker’s life which were not shown in Season 1 but were shown in season 2 as flashbacks when the peers were called for testimony by the jury.

Hannah Baker’s appearance as a vision only to Clay (Dylan Minnette), regularly conversing with him was distressing because of the indisputable fact that suicide is an irreversible act.

The Vexatious Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

“Why didn’t you say it to me when I was alive?”

The Season 2 was found to be more problematic for the audience because each episode made the series more complex and debatable. The characters themselves at several points expressed the need to have a discussion rather than staying silent. This was as a direct response to Season 1 critics.

The show contained under-reported crimes like what happened to Tyler, a male assault in the final episode. It was unjustified as well as difficult to watch. But in Season 2, we see Tyler was sexually assaulted in the school bathroom by Monty and the baseball team which was a step in the direction to make things even worse after the word came out about the clubhouse.

The Vexatious Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

The latest season was unjustified as well as complicated. All 13 tapes exposed the faces of all peers but not everyone was regretting what they had done to Hannah. If they would, they couldn’t continue hounding others.

The Vexatious Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

When we were kids, we might have said or heard “Sticks and stone will break my bone but words will never hurt me” but today, we all know that it just isn’t true.

Although Season 1 was like a window to the teen psyche, Season 2 was disturbing – for the lack of a better word. It’s true we all need someone to hear us and to understand us. To sum up Season 2 in a few words: unclear and unjustified.

There were some plots that seem to have been left for exploration in the next season. Will Tyler expose Monty for his crime? Would Clay get in trouble for protecting Tyler? Will Jessica and Justine get together again?  What will Chloe do about her pregnancy? What changes would come to Bryce’s personality after switching the school? Will Justine be able to get over his drug addiction as he’s been adopted by Clay’s parents? Why did Nina steal the box of polaroid from Clay’s car and burn them? Too many questions that are yet to be answered.The Vexatious Season 2 of 13 Reasons WhyAbove all, Bryce was allowed to walk freely after his attempts of sexual assaults on Hannah, Jessica, and other victims. Why did the law fail all of them and ended up giving the rapist a three-month probation and no privilege to his scholarships? Will Bryce ever answer for what he’s done? The way Season 2 met an end manifests the need for another season with fewer complications and more clarifications.