The Kicking the Bucket List

“Courage doesn’t mean that there’s no fear but that you’ve overcome it”

The title of the book is so catchy, I just had to read it the idea of a Bucket list has always intrigued me. We all have Bucket lists we have made at one point of our life short or long, filled with adventures or plain simple things we planned to do.

But what if someone made a bucket list for you?

Someone like your deceased mother and her two friends! and then involved an inheritance in all of it. Crazy! I know! Let’s just say,

“Even when she’s gone, Mum still knows the best”

The story follows three sisters, Rose, Dee and Fleur on an adventure as they complete their mother’s bucket list. Three unique personalities taking you on a journey filled with adventure, love, realization and grief.

The story gets you hooked from the start, pulling you in as you follow their journey for over a year. I certainly had a hard time keeping it down, the book focuses on the importance of family and relationships as their mother tries mending the relationship between the three sisters who were separated and hardly spoke to each other.

It isn’t simple as you think it is though, all three of them have to participate in the challenges their mother has set for them or no one gets anything at all of the inheritance.

Dee (Daisy) is desperate for money because she’s about to get evicted, Fleur has been lonely for long time wanting to reconnect with her sisters in any way. As for Rose, the eldest one wants it for nothing but material gains.

There’s drama, humor, adventure, lust and romance, friendship, sass all mixed together for a wonderful story. The chapters are short and snappy keeping you engaged.

The character of their Mum, Iris Parker is my absolute favourite. A truly intriguing character with an amazing sense of humor balanced by her wisdom;

“Thoughts are like magnets, what you think, you attract to you”

Her words make you self-reflect and ponder as you read, the challenges as well are well researched and so fun and creative. I felt like doing them as I was reading.

Very diverse too!

The author, Cathy Hopkins has written joy and sadness in a unique manner she tackles the sensitive topic of death in a very light and beautiful manner.

Now I don’t want to give everything away but I cried like a baby in the ending over how the sisterly relationship developsover the course of the book, the sisters stick out for each other despite their differences and conquer their fears along the way.

“Do not judge or you too will be judged.”

The book is no less than a rollercoaster ride. I do think that I’ve been left with some unanswered question at the end however. I wanted to read more of the story to find out what happens next? There are many questions in my mind that I’d like to have answered.

Overall I would rate this book as 4.5 out of 5 and would recommend you to read this if you need a fresher or time away from the worries of life.

The Kicking the Bucket is an original and unique idea I’m definitely  going to be on the lookout for her new book coming out in December.