Umera Ahmad is a Pakistani novelist, screenwriter, and an author. She was born on 20th December 1976 and is well known for the popular Urdu dramas and novels that she has written. Along with that, she has won multiple awards because of her extraordinary skills!

Most of our favorite dramas have been written by Umera Ahmad; who adds some extra spice in all her dramas by portraying the real-life scenarios and circumstances that people go through in their lives.

However, here is a list showcasing some of the best and worst of Umera Ahmed’s dramas to date.

3 of the worst novel based Dramas by Umera Ahmed:

1). Amar Bail:

The Best and Worst dramas by Umera Ahmed

Amar Bail is a novel based on the love story of Aleezay Sikander and Umar Jahangir. It was presented as a drama in the year 2006 at the channel Tv One.

The novel was beautiful, interesting, a complete eye and brain candy. The storyline had everything to keep a reader absorbed and entertained.

However, when it was transformed into a drama, the characters and the portrayal were not successful to do the novel justice. The cast included veteran actors like Adnan Siddiqui and Maria Rabab but the poor direction and acting, the chemistry between the cast totally spoiled the great story.

As a novel, it would be suggested as one of the greatest pieces of writing by Umera Ahmad but in terms of drama serials, it is probably one of the worst!

2). Man-o-Salwa:

The Best and Worst dramas by Umera Ahmed

Starring Resham, Noman Ijaz and Faisal Qureshi in the lead roles, this drama was produced and presented in the year 2007 on Hum Television Network. It was based on Umera Ahmed’s novel “Man-o-Salwa”.

The plot of the novel as well as the drama revolves around a girl named Zainab, who after suffering a major heartbreak, rebels against her family rituals and becomes a model and an actress.

This major turmoil in her life happens after she is brutally rejected and humiliated by her fiance: Sheraz.

The novel reflected an emotional, layered and complicated story where each character and each side plot was more gripping than the other but the drama was quite a disappointment. The storyline was poorly adapted, the cast did not live up to their fame, expertise, and hype.

The biggest flaw in the drama was the ending; it was confused and totally in contrast to what had been written in the novel.

3). Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara hai:

 The Best and Worst dramas by Umera Ahmed

It was another drama based on Umera Ahmed’s novel: “Ye jo subah ka ik sitara hai”.

This drama was aired from December 2013 to May 2014 on Hum Television Network. The main cast included Sanam Jung, Adeel Hussain, and Mikael Zulfiqar.

The plot of the drama is constructed around a girl who is an orphan, and within a short duration of her marriage, her husband also dies. The protagonist: Romaisa, is then treated like a servant in her own home by other members of the family.

The novel itself is not one of Umera Ahmed’s better works, but the drama was dragged way too long; the story was made even sappier and sadder than the original book; until it became frankly unbearable.

There were so many tears and so much patience on part of the heroine that by the end, the pain felt forced and hardships appeared fake.

Even the OST isn’t that impressive!


3 of the best Umera Ahmed’s novel based dramas:

1). Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishan:

The Best and Worst dramas by Umera Ahmed

“Jis cheez se Be-had muhabat ho, iss keh baray mai sochna nai chahye. soch shubahat ko paida karti hai aur shubah muhabat ko khatam kar deta hai.”

“When you love something a lot, you shouldn’t contemplate a lot about it. contemplation creates doubt and doubt eats up love”


It is one of the most recognized and popular dramas of all the time.

This drama which was aired on Geo TV boasted of an illustrious group of actors but Samiya Mumtaz and Faisal Qureshi in the leading roles stole the show.

The storyline portrays the sufferings of a girl named Saba who, because of a great lie told by her mother in law, gets a divorce and is driven out of her husband’s house.

No one trusts the truth that she tells and her life becomes the abode of chaos and problems.

This drama was rather a series of emotional events which brought us to tears. the dialogues were wonderful, the music, direction and plot line was captured with great dexterity.

The OST for the serial is one of the best I have come across.

2). Durr-e-Shehwar:

The Best and Worst dramas by Umera Ahmed

Durr-e_Shehwar, the most influential drama that talks about the pillars of marriage, about the silent sacrifices that a woman is required to make to maintain peace in her house.

It contained a great lesson for all the people experiencing such circumstances. The drama serial was aired on Hum Television Network in the year 2012. The main actors involved were Samina Peerzada, Noman Ijaz, Nadia Jamil and Sanam Baloch.

The story is narrated by Durr-e-Shhahwar (Sameena Pirzada) to her daughter who tells her all about the way her struggles, about the undying support of her father through those hardships and the mirage which turned to reality after all the patient times.

The drama is entertaining, the locations selected for its shoot are beautiful and the actors have done a phenomenal job.

3). Zindagi Gulzar Hai:

The Best and Worst dramas by Umera Ahmed

Winning the hearts of many people and showcasing a great story, this drama was aired on Hum Television Network starring Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed in the lead roles.

The story portrays two persons Zaroon and Kashaf (Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed) having totally different family and financial backgrounds.

Kashaf belongs to a lower-middle class family, her father has abandoned her and her sisters to be taken care of by their mother alone whereas Zaroon is from a rich, influential family. However, after a series of dramatic events and episodes, they end up with each other.

The drama was a mixture of some depressing and happening events and brilliantly portrayed many real-life struggles by daughters; and by those mothers who bear many daughters instead of giving birth to the more in demand male progeny.

The drama has enough romance and sizzling chemistry between the lead pair to keep the young audience very happy

“Mai miss karongi? Miss tou shaid aik chota lafz hai un ehsasaat keh liye jo mai tumharay liye rakhne lagi hoon aur ab mai apne aap se darne lagi hun”

“I will miss you? Miss is perhaps a small word for the feelings I have developed for you and now those feelings have started to scare me”

Umera Ahmed is perhaps one of the most influential and accomplished writers of our generation.

Her work has always garnered numerous fans and admirers. She and her words have brought to life many beloved characters for us all to fall in love with and dote over.

If you think we have missed any of Umera Ahmed’s serials on your list, let us know in the comments below.