A person known as Einstein of this generation aka Stephen Hawking Born in Oxford, the United Kingdom on January 8, 1942.

Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and writer. He is known for his black hole work and bestseller “A Brief History of Time.” Hawking is considered one of the greatest scientists in British history and has won numerous awards including the RAS Gold Medal, the Royal Society Copley Medal, and the Presidential Freedom Medal. Stephen Hawking - A Mystery to Unravel

The success of Einstein’s heir remains unbelievable.

As a young graduate student in the 1960s, he showed that Einstein’s theory of gravitation completely collapsed when we deeply study how the universe was born. He then continued to discover that gravitation, quantum theory – the rule of the subatomic world – and the hidden connection between thermodynamics were originally designed to understand steam engines.

In the process, Hawking shows that the black hole – the intense body of gravity that should have included all of its content – can actually dissipate heat. He continued to study and even defeat Einstein’s challenge: to find “Theory of Everything” and to describe all the particles and forces that make up the universe. Learn his contribution to science and his honor through his major achievements.

  • Along with Roger Penrose, he did ground-breaking work on singularities.
  • Hawking co-discovered the four laws of black hole mechanics.
  • As discussed earlier His most significant theory is that black holes emit the Hawking radiation.
  • Cosmic inflation Hawking was one of the first to calculate quantum fluctuations.
  • Hawking wrote the famous book A Brief History of Time

In 1974, a few weeks after Hawking’s announcement, Stephen Hawking became one of the youngest people elected to the Royal Society of London. In 1982, he was appointed by the Queen as the British Empire (CBE).

Stephen Hawking - A Mystery to Unravel

In 1985, he received the gold medal from the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), the highest award awarded by RAS. In 1987, he was awarded the Paul Dirac Medal of Physics for his outstanding contribution in the field of physics. In 1988, Hawking and Penrose were awarded the Wolf Prize, a well-known international award granted in Israel. The media attention gave him an unprecedented platform.

Stephen Hawking - A Mystery to Unravel
President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Freedom to Stephen Hawking during the Medal of Freedom ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, August 12, 2009.
(Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

But some people in the scientific community are occasionally less enthusiastic about headlines than their news reporters. In fact, in the past, there was a question which was asked many times: “why the British media seemed to attend every word of Hawking”. 

Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees said:

“He has strong common sense and is prepared to express a strong political opinion. However, the disadvantage of his iconic status is that his comments have even attracted excessive attention on topics where he does not have special expertise – such as philosophy or the danger of aliens or smart machines.”

But many also believe that Hawking has a unique ability to connect with the public in addition to individual statements or headings. They will say that this kind of “hype” that is sometimes produced is an unavoidable by-product of his household reputation.

Instead, we should focus on a bigger advantage – he can introduce science into the attention of those who may never have considered it before. This is the proof of his success as a communicator, and the condolences for this defender of rational thinking go far beyond the scientific community.