With the evolution of Pakistani cinema, the competition between movies has increased at a great pace. This year, a large number of movies were released and all of them did an appreciable amount of business at the box office. We are here to present a review on one of the best Pakistani movies!

Parwaz Hai Junoon is a movie which takes you to the lane of patriotism and makes you motivated to achieve your ambitions.

The movie is directed by Haseeb Hassan and the storyline is written by one of the finest Pakistani writers, Umera Ahmad. It contained a list of talented Pakistani actors including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Hania Amir, and Ahad Raza Mir and was released on 24th August.

Therefore, before starting the review, I would suggest you grab a packet of popcorns because its review is worth reading as much as it is worth watching!

Review on Parwaz Hai Junoon - An ultimate ambition!

The movie is basically based upon the story of fighter pilots and what ordeals they have to go through in their careers.

The movie starts by showing us the training that these pilots have to undergo before they begin their journey to become a pilot. And seriously that alone is enough to make us realize that how hard their accomplishments can be!

As the name of the movie suggests, the people who join it are passionate about achieving their goals and overcome all the hurdles thrown their way.

The story is basically about Sania (Hania Amir) who is on a special mission of completing her lover Hamza’s (Hamza Ali Abbasi) mission. She is someone who is portrayed to have a great love for her country and also, as someone who is degraded by other candidates. She proves herself, achieves her target and comes out as the winner in this feud. This spirit was very clearly and beautifully portrayed through her dialogues.

“Jab Dharti Pukaarti hai na tou koi aur awaz Sunayi nai deti,”

Review on Parwaz Hai Junoon - An ultimate ambition!

If you are not patriotic enough to watch a movie based on the feelings of patriotism or if you think that this movie would have been boring, let me tell you these are all your misconceptions! The reason behind it is that it contained the aspect of love in a way that can make us all go into tears.

Hamza, who is considered as one of the greatest fighter pilots and is very efficient and dedicated towards his work, is also a person who would make us fall in love with him eventually! He was ready to risk his life in all circumstances, no matter how much dangerous it got. In addition to that, he is someone girls would swoon over for a very long time. Thus, the movie portrays a great bonding between Hamza and Sania which makes us all all the more interested in their love story!

Review on Parwaz Hai Junoon - An ultimate ambition!
Here’s a picture to testify our statement.

The movie is highly emotional and it left me shedding tears. It tells us how every year thousands of soldiers sacrifice their lives for the love of their country; the martyrs who are the real heroes. However, they leave their loved ones in tears when their life is sacrificed.Review on Parwaz Hai Junoon - An ultimate ambition!

Overall, it contained all the elements which a movie should have including comedy, war, and love. If you haven’t watched it yet, I would recommend you to watch it because it is not something that should be missed! I would rate it as 4.5/5.