“Today, take control of your life and be the beautiful, strong woman you dreamed, as a little girl, you would grow up to be. Some of you may have already forgotten that dream and others may have settled. Today, I am here to remind you of it.”

Never have I ever re-read a book so many times in my life, however, Reflections of A Man has got me hooked. Beautifully written, it is for all the strong and independent woman out there, for all the people who are trying to solve the algorithms of the perfect relationship and for men who are trying to understand the women around them.

It engages you, hitting those personal deep feelings with lessons delivered through soul touching poetry and that’s not it; the author tells you to list and write your heart out.

The book is amazingly divided into:

Part I – For You

“Be the woman you want to be, not the woman everyone else expects you to be”

For all the women out there, heartbroken and blaming themselves; this is truly an eye opener as you read through pages realizing your worth, discovering how much more you mean than you think you are, making you fall in love with yourself all over again, Raising your spirits on the day you feel low and giving you the ability to recognize your strengths and value.

Reviewing Our Favorite Book 'Reflections Of A Man' - Mr. Amari Soul

“When you are extraordinary, ordinary won’t just do”

It teaches you what a “Wrong Man “ is and how poisonous can a man like that be for you, how a disastrous relationship can only end up in you hurting yourself.

“Good men don’t run. So,if you find yourself having to chase a man, stop…that’s the wrong man!”

You learn how to never settle for less than who you are, to never lower your standards because you deserve the best.

“When a man complains of your standards being too high, it is usually because he’s used to dealing with women who have none “

Part II – For Him

“If you love her, be strong enough, not only to tell her, but to show her as well, or be strong enough to watch her be loved by someone else”

The second part is for all the men out there, it focuses on the complexity of the female mind and emotions. Teaching you what women desire emotionally and how to treat them well. It will make you question how you’ve dealt with women in the past. You will see things in a new perspective, how to set standards for yourself and be the man you want.

Part III – For the both of you

“When love is real,you won’t have to find time for each other… you’ll make time”

Lastly, the book is summed up perfectly. You’ll learn how to deal with your partner, you’ll learn how it’s not always the other person’s fault.

Reviewing Our Favorite Book 'Reflections Of A Man' - Mr. Amari Soul

“Love is less about the destination and more about the beauty of the journey.. make it unforgettable”

I wouldn’t rate this any lesser than 5 out of 5. This book is one of those that you’ll never be able to remove from your bedside.