As much as good manners turn a boy into a gentleman, it is without denying that a good sense of fashion and style is one of the many traits of a gentleman. If this makes you wonder whether you have that fashion sense that would qualify you to be a gentleman, there’s nothing to worry about, my friend; like good manners, styling sense can be learned over time and you do not need to be rich to dress well.

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. – Nicky Hilton.

The first time wearing a suit for a guy can be overwhelming and we understand that. From the choosing the right fabric to deciding the perfect length and finding the perfect fit, it’s too much to take at the very first time.

However, it is time to bid your worries farewell, because we bring you the guide to buying the best suit for yourself and all the tips you need in order to look your best self in a suit.

Looking Good isn’t self-importance; It is self-respect. – Charles Hix

The Suit:

There are three types of suits: two-piece, three-piece and a tuxedo. Before you go in to buy your very first suit, (or maybe your tenth) the key is to consider the occasion you are purchasing the suit for. Not all three types are suitable for every occasion.

Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

So, let’s make it easy for you: A tuxedo is never worn before 6 pm and is the ultimate formal attire. A three-piece can be worn to any formal occasion but is still on a more formal side than a two-piece suit.

Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

Then comes the choice of single-breasted and double-breasted. Single-breasted is the go-to style and the safest one, but if you want to look chicer, try going double-breasted with your suit. Once you’ve got a picture of the cuts, considering the purpose of your suit, go for the color selection. The best colors to opt for would be a nice navy blue or charcoal gray; these colors suit with every combination you can think of. There’s also black, but it is not for day time hence, limits wearable options for every occasion.

Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

Last but not least, the cloth is to be considered. There’re plenty of options to chose from: Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Linen, Silk and many more. Two important points to keep in mind while selecting a fabric are the breath-ability and the softness of the fabric. You don’t want to be uncomfortable in a suit.

The Fit:

The fit is King. It does not matter if your suit is from the biggest brand or from your own local tailor, if it doesn’t fit you properly then it is a bad suit.

Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect SuitPinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

The perfect length size for the jacket is “from mid-to-lower crotch”. The shoulder seams of the jacket should end at the end of your shoulder leaving no divots or wrinkles. The arms should hug your actual arms and long enough to show half-an-inch of the shirt cuff and you are comfortably able to cross your arms without tearing the fabric even a little bit.

The fit around the stomach area shouldn’t be too tight that it makes a weird ‘X’ when you button the top button. The suit pants should fit comfortably without the need for a belt right at your natural waist (three fingers below your belly button is your natural waist).

Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

The length of the pants can be totally dependent on your choice, but the most flattering is half-break or no-break. A full-break is also good but the crease it gives in the legs looks ugly at times. (most times)

Here are a few bonus tips for a gentleman: (Thank us later)

Pinata's Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit

  • When wearing a single-breasted, always close one button (if single button), top button (if two buttons) and the top two buttons (if three buttons) when standing. Never close the bottom button of the jacket.

  • Four Hot-spots to apply perfume: wrists, the base of the neck, behind the ears and chest.

  • Pocket squares are your real friends. They’d not only add some color to your suit but grab attention.

So that’s about it. A suit is a heavy investment and if done right will pay you off long term. Therefore, it is best to really think through this investment, after all, it is about leaving a mark and being remembered.

Elegance is not standing out but being remembered. – Giorgio Armani