Undoubtedly, writing is one of those professions which give us freedom of speech, help us communicate and impart the liberty to convey our thoughts and opinion to the people without any hesitation.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” — Benjamin Franklin

These words of Benjamin Franklin define the personality of our passionate and zealous writer Ayesha Fatima. Ayesha Fatima, the author of “innocently bad”, an absolute masterpiece of literature, is one of those passionate people of Pakistan who has a talent of playing with words and sentences, who can convey their thoughts and ideas to the people by using various styles and techniques.

Piñata, who appreciate the new talents of our country, takes the interview of this emerging and fantastic writer of Pakistan, who knows how to play with words and how to engage the audience.

1) First of all, what activities take your time apart from writing?

“I am a college student, so studies take my time, but I mostly enjoy my time reading when I am not writing or if I am inspired, I make something in my art journal.”

2) You’ve written a few poems and their theme is quite sadistic, are you like that in your life too?

Maybe a little, but I’m not all the time. People do say I am moody but also sometimes fun to have around. This is because of a thing I faced in my life which I don’t want to discuss. I am at that stage of life where I am still growing and learning how to talk about that social stigma publicly. 

3) Which stories are you currently working on? Share some details about your current work?

 Here’s a little description of each story I’m currently working on:-

Innocently Bad: One night with your drunk friends could change your life forever if Alishba had known that earlier she never would’ve done it. Alishba was sure she had left the horrific life at Albany behind, but after doing what she expected to be the last dare she will ever do, she was obviously wrong and life took a sharp turn that sent her tumbling down.

Ashton Roberts wasn’t exactly expecting for his car to be ruined in its first week. After doing endless hunts, he finally finds out who was the culprit was but he has no proof. And Ashton Roberts isn’t one to back down.

Piñata sits with the writer of "Innocently Bad", Ayesha Fatima

Decoloured: In a world where perfection is survival, Stella Dawns wasn’t born perfect. With sharp blue eyes and dark hair and no magic, she was an outcast in her world. A world full of magic and overly bright colored hair. One day, when she was minding her own business as always, she was abducted from her very school grounds and sent off to a place which they called ‘safe haven’ for people like her. People what they called Decoloured.

Covered: Jade Anderson wanted to get through her senior year without getting noticed. Without getting her secret uncovered. Unfortunately for her, James Winters noticed her when Lili Blossom threw her lunch over Jade. That was it for Jade Anderson. She had to protect her secret from a guy named James Winters, who weren’t taking any chances to back down.

Rambles: Here’s To The Nights Where I can’t Sleep (Poetry/ Proses Book)

Piñata sits with the writer of "Innocently Bad", Ayesha Fatima


4) The work “Innocently Bad” is quite an interesting one! How did the title come into your mind?

The idea of this story just came to me like a lightning bolt. I daydream a lot, so I was thinking about different scenarios in my mind and then I thought, hmm… Why it can’t be a story? That’s how I started writing it. But I had trouble coming up with a title. It was previously known as Hijabi Bad Girl, but then I felt like it didn’t sound right. Then I thought about Alishba’s character. She is a girl who loves trouble but she is also a girl who respects moral values. That’s how I came up with the title.  

5) Does your work have autobiographical aspects?

I am not going to lie, but yeah, they do. Few things happened in my life and they affected me deeply. I found my voice in writing. So the things I write have a hint of my life in them too.

Piñata sits with the writer of "Innocently Bad", Ayesha Fatima

6) Have you read Sylvia Plath? Don’t you think you both have quite similar themes? Are you inspired by her?

Yes, I have read Sylvia Plath. She’s one of my favorites!  And no, I never really thought that both of our writings have the same theme. Maybe they do, but I never really thought about it. And yes, I am inspired by her. Her writing is beautiful and they speak one’s thought aloud.  

7) The people of “Literature” are usually thought of to be quite sensitive people! Are you one?

 Yes, I am. There’s no denying. I get affected by words quite easily. But now I’m learning not to take them too seriously. People say what they wanna say, you just do your thing.

Piñata sits with the writer of "Innocently Bad", Ayesha Fatima

8)  Anything you would want to change in your life at the moment?

 I would probably change the fact that I am sometimes, without realizing it, lost in my own bubble of fears and problems. I want to change this feeling and pop it with admiring what I am already blessed with.

9) When was it the first time that you realized that you have the ability to write?

It’s been three years since I first discovered that I could write. I was in eighth grade when my best friend’s sister published her story on Wattpad. I thought that if she could write, then I can write too! And that’s how I started writing.

10 )  What do you prefer? “Tradition” or “Individual talent”?

 I prefer individual talent because I believe it is the thing that person has individually that makes the tradition or breaks it.

11) What are your aspirations?

My aspirations would be to inspire everyone at some point who reads my works,  travel the world and to discover the secrets Allah the Almighty has hidden, and make my parents proud of who I am or what I do.

12) Your most favorite quote?

 It’s hard to choose! There are limitless quotes that affected me in different ways. One of my favorites might be by Sylvia Plath “I am so busy keeping my head above water that I scarcely know who I am, much less who anyone else is.”

13) Inspire us in 3 words?

Three words; We Are Conquerors.

Piñata sits with the writer of "Innocently Bad", Ayesha Fatima



Pinata wishes Ayesha success and prosperity in her future endeavors. May Pakistan stay blessed with talent like hers.