Jack of all trades‘ well suits people like Dr. Mubarak Muhammad Ali of ‘Mubarak’s art‘. He is a physical therapist by profession, an artist, actor, and a poet by passion and a teacher, career advisor and public speaker by choice. It is amazing how an individual can be gifted with so many diverse qualities. But well, the power and capacity of a human mind can never be underestimated.

When asked that What made Mubarak go for physiotherapy in the first place? He replied:

“I was more interested in sports particularly cricket, completed 12th standard in pre-medical, so I was looking for a field which will attach me with my passion of cricket, for that purpose the career which came in my mind was physiotherapy, (sports physiotherapy).”

This was an interesting drive towards living your passion and taking up your career in parallel.

Piñata in conversation with Dr. Mubarak Muhammad Ali

Since he is also a teacher, we asked him how does he manage his time between his multiple hobbies?

He replied that teaching has been more of his career since he had been teaching for last 7 years as a senior to his juniors.

Currently, he is working as a lecturer in Physiotherapy at a University. But he employed his teaching profession as his hobby too, like, he taught drawing sketching classes, conducted 4 health awareness sessions, and career awareness sessions.

Apart from teaching he has an inclination towards art and poetry as well. When asked what artwork of his, is he proud of and why?  He replied:

There are many artworks I feel really good when I look into that work some of that work is Stephen hawking’s sketch, Nasir-ul-Mulk mosque Iran, and Bahubali 2 artwork.

Piñata in conversation with Dr. Mubarak Muhammad Ali

We asked him what does he prefer in leisure time? Poetry or drawing? He replied:

“In my leisure time, I prefer to draw but I enjoy acting and writing poetry but these are not my regular hobbies; whenever a thought comes in my mind, I write it down. Apart from this I also do commissioned artwork.”

We were really amazed by his qualities and asked him about his inspiration? He was forthright in his replies and we admired that:

“Actually, no one inspired me, it’s a raw talent which I have been practicing since childhood, I professionally started art in the year 2013, after which my name, Mubarak’s Art has been recognized to some extent. My favorite poet is Dr. Allama Iqbal, his poetries has a depth which really forces me to think differently; but on the other side, my poetry totally depends on my own thoughts which are weak from the literary viewpoint I guess, that’s why I call myself a novice poet.”

Piñata in conversation with Dr. Mubarak Muhammad Ali

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