Have you ever watched a drama that made you feel the real pain of the characters? Have you ever witnessed anything that made you question your existence or force you to compare yourself with it? If no, then you are welcome to read our review, on the drama that can make you a little crazy! And even if it’s a yes, we still greet you to read this one!"Parchayee" - An Emotional Spectacle!

Parchayee is a Pakistani drama serial that started in December 2017 and has ended recently. The lead roles of the drama were played by Sabreen Hisbani, Hammad Farooqui, Minal Khan and our very renowned, Qavi Khan.

The Storyline:

The drama portrays the story of a middle-class family and mostly revolves around the story of a girl named Parishay (Minal Khan) who is an orphan and lives with her mother (Sabreen Hisbani) at her Uncle’s house (mother’s brother). Parishay is secretly in love with his cousin named Saad (Hammad Farooqui), who is the son of the same uncle. However, her Aunt is not in favor of keeping mother and daughter at her house and forcefully makes Parishay’s mother to get married to a rich person, whom Parishay is not ready to accept as a father.

"Parchayee" - An Emotional Spectacle!

The Characters:

Now, let me introduce to the best character of the drama, who delivered some inspirational dialogues and lessons. Thanks to the writer of the show for that, namely Uzma Iftikhar. As is believed in our culture that whatever our grandparents say, it is always true and beneficial for us, this drama proves the very same thing!

The most influential character was played by Qavi Khan who acted as the grandfather of Pari and Saad. He appeared as a very positive character throughout the drama as he was a father-figure to Pari, helping her in every difficulty just so that she doesn’t feel alone. The best part of the drama is when he advises in a soothing but thought-provoking manner."Parchayee" - An Emotional Spectacle!

Beside this, Pari has to be the most innocent character in this serial. She faces all the ignorance firstly from her mother and then from her lover, Saad who gets married to her when he is deceived by his lover cousin named Shiza (Hira Hussain). Moreover, her Aunt is never satisfied by her and always scolds her on every little thing.

When Pari’s mother gets married, her stepfather is also not ready to accept her and it seems like she didn’t have any place in the world. As one of the dialogues of Pari is:

“Muhabbat nai karte wo mujhse HAmDardi Karte hain.”

"Parchayee" - An Emotional Spectacle!

So, this is how the story and characters were coordinated in order to make this serial a great success. Nonetheless, there were some multiple aspects that added to its beauty which included:

The aspect of love:

Whether it was the love between Saad and Shiza or Saad and Pari, the love story from both sides has been a perfect one, including the feelings of compromise, sacrifice, and sincerity. Pari gave an exemplary performance of patience in order to win her love. Meanwhile, Saad loved Shiza just as much deeply even after she had cheated on him."Parchayee" - An Emotional Spectacle!

The aspect of regret:

This aspect is very much related to our real life and experiences and it was very perfectly embedded in this drama! If we talk about this drama serial, this feeling was portrayed in a way that the characters were in great conflict with themselves as the first love of Saad, Shiza, deceived him and regretted her actions later. Whereas Saad gets married to Pari and this doesn’t bode well for Shiza who tries to snatch Saad from Pari’s life but Saad’s loyalty made him stay with his now wife, Pari. This makes me wonder if such boys really exist in real life too.

The perfect mother-daughter relationship:

The most beautiful relationship is no doubt between a mother and a child! This drama showed that beautifully. It has shown the sufferings of a woman who has to raise a child alone. Pari’s mother is forcefully wed to a man her daughter doesn’t accept after the death of her former husband. Under these circumstances, her mother makes a great struggle in order to get her daughter settled."Parchayee" - An Emotional Spectacle!

The Happy Ending:

In the ending, the drama got a little boring and it seemed like that the scenes were exaggerated and dragged, with no substantial story. However, the plot was resolved in the end and all the characters led to a happy and perfect life. Saad and Pari after having a poor husband-wife relationship were finally able to work out their issues and became parents to a beautiful baby girl."Parchayee" - An Emotional Spectacle!

To sum up all, the drama was a flawless emotional spectacle that was very much related to the reality and its incidents. If you haven’t watched it yet then you should probably do it as it will lead you to a ride full of extreme sentiments and emotions!