In this time of technology, where nobody wants to go to the library, or spend their money on books, Muhammad Khubaib loves to spend both on books and proclaims himself as a bibliophile.

Muhammad Khubaib - A Passionate Reader of Pakistan
Sadly, the trend of reading is literally fading away. Nonetheless, this young man manages to always find time to dedicate to his passion. He realizes how important the work and the preservation of literature is. He says,

“one day the future will be like, OH LET’S SEE WHAT THE VINTAGE KIDS USED TO READ and they’d read and it would leave them baffled.”

This literary boy, who is known to call a 500-page book a “THIN BOOK” in his grade one, is an incredible photographer as well. He posted his amazing photographs and reviews of books on his Instagram page. Other than that, he is a student of First Year Pre-Medical at Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad. The boy says that the first book he ever picked was a work of R. L. Stine’s.

Muhammad Khubaib - A Passionate Reader of Pakistan
His love for books can be seen in this line where he says,

“Books are man’s bestfriend. they have helped me avoid some awkward situations and boring car rides.”

The boy who spend money on the “ Hard Cover Book”, have read almost 40 books a year. He said

“I read about say 40 books a year? But I don’t mind, I don’t like reading it as a race or something because that loses the book’s flavor and everything.”

Muhammad Khubaib - A Passionate Reader of Pakistan

Upon asking the question about his favorite writer he said,

“I’m not like a person who will have some Auto Buy authors but some authors that I like are Stephen King, his books have that funny and scary element at the same time. And among Pakistani writers, I found Mohsin Hamid extremely good. Even though there’s Omar Shahid Hamid but I like Mohsin Hamid more.”

Muhammad Khubaib - A Passionate Reader of Pakistan

Khubaib also does poetry at times and calls it “A Recollection an Elongation Of Overthought Thoughts”. Aside from that, he wants to be a Psychiatrist or an Artist one day. His reasons are,

Helping people through their mental health I believe is one of the biggest help you can provide. You might save someone from the pain that’s evident and clear to everyone, but saving someone from their own mind, is I believe the biggest help.

On this note, our team of Piñata said goodbye to this passionate reader of the country and wished him well for the future.