Jojo's art work

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.”

It is not what the artist perceives while creating a piece of art, rather how that is tangential to the lives of those observing it, is what makes it universal, timeless, and heart touching.  

Jaweria aka JoJo has that innate ability to see the unseen in simple words and express them in the most colorfully eloquent manner conveying her audience a perspective, where they find a new dimension in simple calligraphic paintings. Calligraphy is meant to be a medium where words are not just painted but personified.  

Jaweria is a student of BBA in a prestigious institution of Islamabad. She is a rising calligrapher of our country with a long way to go. Her exquisite expression with strokes, elaborate natural elements and striking combination of colors make her paintings worth watching.

As a child, Jaweria was ‘super energetic’. Hence, her mother brought her a journal to provide her an activity. However, Jaweria liked it better to play with the words rather than just write them. She started off doodling along the margins, simple drawings filling up the entire journal with drawings especially of flowers of different kinds. This start though is not a very unique one as a child, but how her talent was nurtured into becoming one mattered. Her mother when discovered her inclination towards Art, arranged her an art teacher. From there it all began to be a journey of incessant learning and aspiring exposure.

As they say,

‘Art is the only way to run away without leaving home’.

Jaweria found a way to ride upon her imagination far and beyond bringing up the fruits of her reverie in the form of paints and words. Her favorite medium is water colors because of the vast range and techniques they entail. Nevertheless, she is not interested in painting human faces or animals. Calligraphy is the only thing that inspires her, interwoven with natural sceneries.

Jojo Art Work - An aspiring artist Jojo Art Work - An aspiring artist Jojo Art Work - An aspiring artist Jojo Art Work - An aspiring artist Jojo Art Work - An aspiring artist


In future, Jaweria aims to bring in the limelight, the underground and local artists of Pakistan by opening a gallery of her own. She aims to provide a platform to the rising talents where they might be noted, appreciated and channelized into the main streams. She wishes to create positive vibes for our country as she says;

“I think Pakistan is an intensely artistic culture and that really is what we should be known for, neither terrorism nor hate.”

Piñata wishes Jojo, best of luck and good wishes. It was a pleasure featuring her in our magazine.

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram: @jojosartdojo123


Feature by: Huma Amjad

Written by: Farah Zafar