Most of us already know Humna Raza very well but for the very few who don’t, here’s a little about her for you to learn.

Humna Raza is a 23-year-old Islamabadi lifestyle blogger, who is behind the hashtags positivevibesonly and smallthingsmatter. She started off in 2016 and already has more than 100k followers on Instagram. So, yes she’s quite famous.

Getting a Little Personal with Humna Raza

Her emphasis is on small topics that aren’t very talked about in our society. She aspires to create a positive society that appreciates everything big and small. She also wants to constantly improve herself by becoming a better person and above all, a better human with a personality that is only hers.

Humna is married to the CEO of Lolz Studios, Syed Muzzamil Hassan, and together they make a swoon-worthy couple.

Getting a Little Personal with Humna Raza

We managed to get Humna Raza for a very interesting interview. Here are the fairly surprising bits of this.

Her fans will agree with us when we say: Humna and Muzzamil are not shy to show off their cuteness and love in their very young marriage. Rightfully so, it gets every girl drooling over them. Humna said, when asked about her support system and the man behind her success, that

“He, Muzzamil, is definitely my biggest support system in this.”

They really are a lovely couple tbh. Ma Sha Allah! Muzzamil took her on a Tour de North right their honeymoon and this is what she has to say about it.

Getting a Little Personal with Humna Raza

We went to Gilgit, Skardu, Hunza, and Shangrila; it was really nice.”

(How could anything not be this nice with such a heartthrob of a husband?)

Because I had never been there, I was with him and it was very beautiful. We stayed there with the locals and we loved how it added to the overall experience – it was the essence of it.”

(Muzzamil was the essence of course).

Getting a Little Personal with Humna Raza

Have we told you that Humna Raza is not only a dental surgeon but also a teacher? YES!

You read the right.

We know how much more of a true inspiration that makes her.

Getting a Little Personal with Humna Raza

We did inquire if she’s going to start her practice anytime soon and she told us that she has applied for a house job but wants to wait on it for a while as she’s helping her mother out with her school and of course handling her 100k followers. This leads us to the next question. . .

“What was your reaction when your followers started to grow and now, do you see it as a bigger responsibility?”

She replied to this by saying how she has to be much more careful posting because you obviously need to be careful over the internet. There are a whole lot of those keyboard Jihadis and extremists that just can’t stop being out of line.

One thing she said that really got us was,

“I never wanted to talk about controversial issues. smallthingsmatter is just about acting like human beings and to really begin change from within yourself.”

Humna has a very real and meaningful opinion on the matter of starting the change from within yourself and her movement smallthingsmatter is a huge pillar. It also makes perfect sense to us. When listening to the most influential people, all of them believe that change always comes from within, regardless of what surrounds you.

In the recent past, we saw Humna working with a renowned actor Osman Khalid Butt, so out of curiosity, we asked her if she had something related to T.V up on her sleeve. Unfortunately, Humna said,

“And if you ever see me on screen, it would be for something other than acting because acting is not my thing”


We’re guessing YouTube is where we’ll be seeing her now.

Wait, what?


Oops! Didn’t mean to tell you that. *winks*

Getting a Little Personal with Humna Raza

Lastly, we asked Humna for advice for our youth; she gave a very inspiring and motivating reply by saying:

“There is no particular formulae to get somewhere in life. Success is very relative.  The only time you will be successful is when you pursue what you love to do. And when you achieve your goal, that’s when you will feel successful. If you do things that you don’t love but help you achieve certain worldly pleasures, you will not feel successful. If you don’t put your heart into something, chances are you won’t achieve the goal either.”

So there you have it – a talk with Humna Raza. We will be getting back with more spicy interviews with other celebrities so make sure to stay tuned.

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Interviewed by: Humma Amjad

Recorded by: Tehreem Abbasi

Compiled by: Aruba Shah and Abu Talib Haider