As the saying goes,

‘Life is what you bake of it’…

Few passionate bakers tend to make much more out of life than just ‘bake to eat’. They bake for love, bake for fun, bake for passion and bake for business!

Sadaf from Sweeductions is one such self-taught, home-baker who bakes with love to run her own small-scale business and follow her passion. It was not a piece of cake to enter into this venture. As she tells us about her journey through baking:

“My baking has been a home learning process with lots of practice trial error and the passion for baking cooking and serving people. It was difficult in the sense that the market is pretty saturated when it comes to bakers, chefs, home business, food deliveries and food business. It was hard making a place, marketing, hitting the right audience and also finding out what will work for the consumer and attract them. I had to put my interest and marketing experience of a decade to good use along with some amateur photography skills as well apart from the core Baking and Sweeductions.

Feature Friday- Sweeductions by Sadaf Haq
Banana Minilets by Sweeductions

Every passion begins with a natural drive towards it. For Sadaf, it was the same story:

“Food has always been a mode of expression in our society when it comes to happy moments, dinners, get-togethers or achievements. I was born with a sweet tooth or more of a sweet denture and baking and making desserts has always been a hobby passion and now business.”

Sweeductions offers a variety of cakes, breads, and other baking items. The menu has 3 main parts.

  1. For the love of Bananas – This category offers a variety of Banana breads in different flavors, sizes, and deals. The basic Banana walnut bread, the ever loved Banana Nutella Bread and a Coffee lover version named as the Banana Espresso Bread. Other healthy offerings include Banana Whole-wheat bread options for the above mentioned 3 flavors. A Banana Minilets deal is based on the 3 mini bread loaf versions in a deal offering all the 3 flavors together for those who want it all and do not want to choose.

  2. Cookie Monster Cravings – This category speaks for itself. It is for all those Cookie lovers who want a little nutty twist alongside chocolate and classic peanut butter variations. The variety offered is the Peanut Butter Classic cookies, Peanut Butter Choco Chip cookies, Peanut Choco Blossoms, and the Peanut butter MnMs Nutella filled and Oreo topped cookie bars.

  3. For the love of Chocolate – This category at the moment is a PURE BROWNIE lover’s dream consisting of 2 topping options for the conventional fudgy gooey brownies; the divine Nutella swirled and the Walnut Crunch. A variety of 3 mix pieces each is also offered for those who want a little bit of both.

Feature Friday- Sweeductions by Sadaf Haq
Banana Walnut Minilet
Feature Friday- Sweeductions by Sadaf Haq
Banana Wholewheat Espresso

Sadaf is not just a baker. She is a Mom-preneur. As a mother of 2, she has to manage her day prudently between her motherly chores and entrepreneurial activities. She sends one of her kids to school and other to bed and spends the first half of the day in non-stop baking, packing and delivery drill. But she is content about her routine

“I think it is all about passion, planning, organizing and managing your work and home properly – proper time management and priority working is something one needs to ace on along with resource management if one wants to excel in any business or limited time situations.”

Sadaf started cooking almost at the age of 12. Learning and exploring, she was open to experimenting with recipes from the start.

“I believe food is an expressive art and science. It is an individual’s way of communicating with the one enjoying his cooking. For me, it’s very necessary to have an element of me in everything I do. I develop recipes by trying a few variations and then choosing the one that gets the highest votes by family or friends.”

Feature Friday- Sweeductions by Sadaf Haq
Peanut Butter Classic Cookies 
Feature Friday- Sweeductions by Sadaf Haq
Peanut Choco Blossoms

Sadaf delivers her products through a third party. It is a supply chain which requires time and active management. When asked what does she if an order gets delayed or she has a dissatisfied customer? She said congenially;

 “I usually send complimentary item as a makeup. A little extra Sweeduction is always GOOD.”

To know a little more about her personality, we asked Sadaf If she were a flavor, what would it be? She answered with a smile:

“DARK CHOCOLATE – Always; Bitter at the bite but always makes you want to have more and more. Addictive and Sweeductive ;)”

Feature Friday- Sweeductions by Sadaf Haq
Fudgey Gooey Nutella Brownies

Piñata wishes Sadaf and Sweeductions all the very best!