Bookstagram is a new word to a lot of the adult generation. However, to the internet maniacs, regular Instagrammers and readers always surfing the internet for new and nice books must be aware of this well-known term a.k.a #bookstagram.

#bookstagram is attributed to Instagram accounts where all the posts are regarding books! Book quotes, book pictures and everything about them. Maham Zafar is one of the bookstagrammers we came across. She may be among the few pioneering Pakistani bookstagrammers we are sure as this is not yet very common for people in Pakistan.

Feature Friday: Maham Zafar, The Bookstagrammer!
Courtesy: @myintrovertedbubble

Maham started her bookstagram account initially to turn traffic to her personal blog. However, over time she realized that she could turn it into a community for readers in Pakistan. We asked Maham what inspired her to start bookstagram, she replied,

“Because one never existed. Bookstagram is a growing community in Pakistan but there was never a platform for all Pakistani Bookstagrammers to unite on. So I thought I would give it a go.”

This takes a lot of hard work, commitment and certainly, interest! When we asked Maham how she manages all this she told us,

“I’m simply organized. It’s a lot of work, honestly. But there’s nothing you can’t do if you only plan things in advance.”

Feature Friday: Maham Zafar, The Bookstagrammer!

Maham keeps art journals and a writing journal with her to note down fresh ideas in. She also makes and sells badges for the people who wish to be a part of her community and thinks that everyone should have them under the name @tweentheknots.

“They are all handmade and hand painted with love. Each made specifically for the person they are meant for.”

Feature Friday: Maham Zafar, The Bookstagrammer!

Feature Friday: Maham Zafar, The Bookstagrammer!







Maham is an avid reader and enthusiastic blogger. We love Maham’s creative ideas for photography for her bookstagram. Personally, she is a fan of Rupi Kaur herself and says about her,

“Although she has her fair share of haters, Rupi is my hero. She broke all the rules that existed in poetry. Which made it a lot easier for amateurs like me to express ourselves without worrying too much about rhyming.”

It is amazing how our young adults are making such productive uses of technology. Piñata loves your work and wishes you all the best!