Baking is an art as well as science. It incorporates the reactions of chemistry with the laws of physics to deliver a delight to human appetite! There is no doubt this special field of cookery is a difficult job. What makes it even more difficult in a country like us is the lack of proper baking equipment especially at homes. This poses trouble to a lot of home bakers, startup businesses and small-scale bakeries.

The Cakesmith is a home-baker located in Karachi, Pakistan. This is a personal venture by a talented baker who has turned passion into a profession driven by an obsession for chocolates. The Cakesmith, like many other home-based businesses, is in the phase of flourishing through online platforms and social media.

Feature Friday: Featuring T. Cakesmith


Feature Friday: Featuring T. Cakesmith Feature Friday: Featuring T. Cakesmith




They seem to face the similar problem while baking for their orders that is, the lack of advanced equipment especially while starting up a business, as they said:

“To bake in huge batches with basic appliances, as a beginner, gave us a bit tough time. But one should always be grateful and continue the journey with what one is blessed with”.

This positivity surely seems to take them higher. The Cakesmith bakes and sells brownies, blondies, cakes, and desserts. Their most famous product is ‘Swirled Nutella Brownies’. Their customers love these and order for these frequently.

“These are loved by our customers and are most famous on our menu list!” they said.

Feature Friday: Featuring T. Cakesmith

When asked what advice would they like to give to other newcomers in the field?

The Cakesmith replied:

“Small things count and go on a long way! Always use the best quality ingredients and the end result will be beyond expectations. Imagination, originality, experiment, all these play a vital role in one’s kitchen.”

This definitely is a great piece of advice for originality and imagination is the key to success in every venture. We express our gratitude and best wishes to The Cakesmith for their future endeavors.