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This movie is about a banker, Johnny, who finds himself betrayed by his very own fiancée, Lisa, and best friend, Mark. Lisa, girlfriend of seven years to Johnny, doesn’t realize what this would mean for her own future.

This is by far the worst movie ever made in the history of cinema. The facts suggest that this film earned 1,800 USD worldwide with a budget of 6 Million USD. ”THE ROOM” falls into a grade of cinema, called ”para cinema”. Para cinema consists of all classifications of cinemas in mainstream filmmaking. In other words, The Room comprises all sorts of film genres (including, art film, horror, and beach party musicals) outside from the mainstream.

There are several reasons why this film is considered the worst. First of all, ”The Room’s” atrocity has made it a cult film phenomenon because it has all the weird elements to it; in a way that it’s a box office disappointment. It’s severely difficult to create a good film. But to create a movie that’s this level bad, it necessitates vision, luck, and obsessive vanity. Tommy Wiseau, who is the producer, director, writer, and star of this film, has all these qualities, combined with the lack of talent. This could quite easily be a number two of the reasons.

Next, let’s talk about the noticeable flaws. At some point, you notice that the plot indicates the subject matter of cancer and drugs – then half way through, the film completely forgets about it. Moreover, during the film, characters also vanish midway through the scenes. This suggests that the plot sequencing in this film was poor. There were other things too; for instance, the San Francisco scenes were in fact shot in Los Angles. This exhibits that the film was amateurishly produced with weak projection.

Everything Wrong With The Movie: 'The Room of 2003'
PHOTO: The room movie scene

Furthermore, Tommy Wiseau mainly caused the elevation of this ”trash film” status, due to his horrible Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and his bodily likeness with Christopher Walken with a wig on. When you see a film like this, you will feel like every scene is a magnum opus. Another reason why this film is bad is that it has inconsistencies and narration flaws. When you’ll watch it yourself, you will see a lot of repetition in the script.

Taking the view of this film’s creative elements, the room’s story is just as mythically muddled. It also has few production flaws too. The protagonist himself clearly manifests the dearth of talent/poor acting throughout the film.

Why do people like this film so much even after it’s considered the worst movie ever?

On the positive end, it seems like only individuals with bad taste would like films that are classified as ”trash films” like THE ROOM, but scientific study demonstrates that a taste for trash cinema might, in fact, show a high level of intelligence in a person. So if you like trash films, it’s alright because science totally supports you!

Everything Wrong With The Movie: 'The Room of 2003'
PHOTO: The room (2013)

One of the primary factors that charm people into trash cinema is its transgressed nature and the subversion of conventional principles. A further reason that drags individuals upon trash cinema is its ironic viewing stance also known as ”camp”. Camp claims that good taste is not clearly a good taste; a good taste can also endure a bad taste. This ironic enjoyment of poor entertainment can be therefore a powerful social tool that can strengthen bonds between people. Fans of cult films set up cultural capital, which can be a social tool for the audiences. People watching this film brings out their moods of straddling cruelty, shocking misogamy to inventiveness and real joy.

The room, to us, crumbles the eminence of good and bad. It’s a horrible movie because it’s not a strong movie that moves you emotionally. However, it isn’t that bad because it’s watchable, fun and it brings you joy. You don’t locate something that bad and have these appreciable qualities in it.

Cast: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, and Robyn Paris.

Director: Tommy Wiseau.