'Gotta Blogger' by Blogger Aqsa Fahad

Blogging is ‘not so new’ a world and yet, there is a lot to be explored in the field of blogging especially for people in Pakistan.

Blogging internationally has become a business, a niche, a unique field with its own rules, pros and cons. Pakistan is still lagging behind however it is heavily involved in this particular field.

‘Gotta Blogger’ by Aqsa Fawad; is a food and lifestyle blog owned by one of Pakistan’s talented youngster who shares, explores and builds some great posts to inspire those who follow her blog.

Piñata had a chance to have a little conversation with this emerging talent and peek inside the workings of her blog.

Who inspired you to start blogging and who are your favorite bloggers?

GottaBlogger happened two years ago as a platform to unveil my love for food, creatively. During those BBA days (not too old, just graduated), my breaks intertwined with my love for food. I would casually capture pictures of my food and forcefully drag my friends to new restaurants looking for those “MasterChef” worthy dishes. Seeing all the other peers doing something productive in their free time, I started my blog as a little project, hoping to make something big out of it in the near future. Over the course, GottaBlogger evolved into a much more lifestyle space than just food.
My favorite blogger has to be Shehzeen Rehman from The Desi Wonder Woman. Her blog is something every Pakistani can relate to; her love for chai and the quirkiness!”

Conversation Corner: Piñata in Conversation with Aqsa Fawad
‘Gotta Blogger’ by Blogger Aqsa Fahad

What photography gears do you use?

I’m not that “tech-savvy girl”, I just click pictures with my iPhone 6s. Apart from that, I own a Nikon D3100 with an 18-55mm lens. If you follow me, you must’ve seen me shopping for some new equipment lately.”
Conversation Corner: Piñata in Conversation with Aqsa Fawad Conversation Corner: Piñata in Conversation with Aqsa Fawad

Conversation Corner: Piñata in Conversation with Aqsa Fawad






What is the process for putting together ideas for a picture like for you?

“For me, it’s A LOT of effort into one picture. Whenever I’m contacted for PR, I ask about the product beforehand to brainstorm a couple of ideas through google, I then decide the theme and buy/DIY props accordingly.

Lately, I’ve been DIY-ing plates because I feel like that adds the “me” element into the picture.”

We are inspired really to know how much of an effort does successful blogging takes.

What was your journey like?

This journey for me was one hell of roller coaster ride with its own ups and downs. I’ve seen booming impressions, as well as declining followers. All those dry days didn’t demotivate me but only gave me hints to improve.

When I started blogging back in 2016, not a lot of people were bloggers, and many were clueless as to what it was. Things had been slow, not only were we learning, but the brands were also exploring this new marketing form.

Over time, the number of bloggers grew in different niches; beauty, fitness, fashion and food is the most popular of them all. It started off with only an hour or two towards the blog, but now since I’ve chosen this as my career, I’ve devoted a significant number of hours, and I won’t lie, some days I do have to work overtime. As much of a fairytale, it looks like, there’s a ton of effort put into every post.”


Conversation Corner: Piñata in Conversation with Aqsa Fawad

How do you stay fit when you eat so much? Do you have a workout routine? If so, tell us about that.

“When cooking at home, it’s easy to keep track of all the ingredients that go into your food, but when you head out, it’s like the world just flipped and suddenly you’re just a dangerous food addict.

Sure, it’s fun eating out, but it comes with its own drawbacks, and considering this being a part of my job, I’m bound to work out and stay fit.

I do not have a specific routine, but a little cardio, some squats and a couple of burpees and mountain climbers. Apart from that, I do follow Leslie Simon’s Walk at Home on YouTube, or sometimes just head out to a near park for a quick jog.”

Desi or any other cuisine?

Is it weird that I am still in the way of figuring out what my favorite cuisine is? Basically, I love anything spicy, so lately I’ve been into Mexican and Pan Asian food!”

Conversation Corner: Piñata in Conversation with Aqsa Fawad

Which restaurants would you recommend people to try?

EASY by Fatsos lately being the hot topic in K-town, their fusion donuts are a must try! Apart from that, Jucy Lucy and Chop Chop Wok have been around for a while but still have that spark, at least for me.”

How do you make sure your audience is interested in your content? 

There can never be an exact figure as to how much people are interested in my content, however, I get a lot of DMs from my followers appreciating my work, that’s when I know I’ve achieved my goal. I personally make sure I work hard to make my feed as aesthetic as possible to capture more audience.

Recently, I’ve started a #GBinColor theme, where I dedicate a row to a specific color. Last I did was obviously #GBinGreen for Independence Day. Apart from that, there’s so much more planned already.”

We admire the creative approach to her way of work.


Conversation Corner: Piñata in Conversation with Aqsa Fawad

Q. Have you ever had a run-in with a fan? If so, what was it like?

“Apparently there have been a couple of people who have spotted me either shopping, eating, or at events, but unfortunately never came around to meet me. What is it, am I scary?”

Haha! We are sure you aren’t. They were probably only respecting your privacy.

Q. Any advice for beginners?

“I’d suggest all newbies, to be original and to create their own content. There is so much more to a blog than just shortcuts and copy-pasting, it’s about what makes you happy. If you have your own identity, even in this sea of bloggers you are going to stand out! You know you’ll struggle in the start, but if you are satisfied with what you post, your numbers will increase themselves!”

This was a valuable advice for all those who are considering blogging as a serious job. Piñata wishes Aqsa al the very best for all her future plans. And we wish Pakistani bloggers to be as professional and creative with their work as her.