Commoners like you and me are the real-life protagonists of our own respective lives. Each of us has a special place, a special feature, a special aspect of our lives that needs to be shone brightly. Blogging is a great way of expressing oneself. Those who read blogs regularly know how interesting it is to find people blogging about almost everything under the sun.

Piñata was fortunate to find Summaiya; an engineering student turned blogger, married to an army officer and sharing her experiences through her lifestyle and personal development blog, named “A desi girls story”, showing the aspects of her own life that make her special in her own way.

Let us hear from her!

Q. Hello Summaiya! Would you like to share first of all why did you choose to study engineering and what did you specialize in?

“During my matriculation, I considered almost every possible career choice for myself but somehow ended up deciding that I’ll become an Engineer. My father was the inspiration behind it. I wanted to follow in his footsteps! And that is how I got into the Electrical Engineering program of SEECS-NUST back in 2013!”

Q. Your best memory out of your University life?

“It is almost impossible to pick one memory. The 4 years long journey was a complete roller coaster ride.”

We are sure. University life tends to be that way!

  Conversation Corner: Piñata Converses with Summaiya Irfan

Q. What niche did you want your blog to and what does it really belong to?

“I initially wanted to run a wedding blog but as the blog grew I realized that I also wanted to help people other than Brides-to-be. That is why slowly and gradually I converted to a lifestyle and personal development blog. And Now I talk about social issues, positivity, relationships etc. and try to help as many people as possible through my blog!”

Q. What do you think is the basis of a strong relationship and a happy life?

“Communication is the key to success in life and relationships. If you want a happy life and a strong relationship (with anyone). Talk instead of stewing misunderstandings in your head.”

Well said, Summaiyah. It sure is a good piece of advice for many!

Q. Which one of the following would you pick?

  • Being world-class attractive

  • A genius

  • Famous for doing something great

“A Genius for sure!”

Many girls wish to be a wife of an army officer. Since you’re one, how do you feel about that and what is it like?

I think a lot of girls fantasize about being an army officer’s wife because having a dashing husband in uniform is super fascinating! But it is not as easy as it seems! Your husband always very busy, he is on call even when he is on a leave, there are a lot of things that do not make sense to you but you have to do them anyway, you have to pack and Move after every two years and the list goes on. I think if girls get to know the complete reality of being an army wife. A lot of them are going to back out. :P”

Haha. We agree!

Conversation Corner: Piñata Converses with Summaiya Irfan

What accomplishment you’re most proud of?

“Getting into NUST that too with a scholarship. I’ll always be super proud of myself for that! Because I was so unsure of myself at that point in my life and this admission really changed me in so many ways!”

Being a blogger, you might have got haters too. How do you manage to deal with such people?

“I always try to ignore the bad and concentrate on the good. But at times when something really starts affecting me mentally and emotionally. I try to get out of my comfort zone and confront the hater! I think it is very important to stand up to the Hater or the bully and tell them that whatever they are doing is NOT okay!”

What is the best place you have ever been in the world?

Banana Island, Doha, Qatar.”

Conversation Corner: Piñata Converses with Summaiya Irfan

If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose?

“Generations (Hands down)”

Conversation Corner: Piñata Converses with Summaiya Irfan

Piñata wishes Summaiya all the very best for all her future endeavors through her blog addressing lifestyle, personal development, and social issues. We wish to know more about people like her who make us feel that there is a lot of positivity around us.