They look like us, they act like us. You could even be married to one, and you’d never know it. All except the boy with the Twilight Eyes, who can see them for what they are… Goblins.


Book Review: Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz.

Goblins seek only one thing – destruction, death, and mayhem. Shapeshifting creatures that can mimic behavior, but only have one purpose: to torture and maim humankind.

We all deceive. Some of us deceive the whole world, every single fellow creature we meet. Some of us deceive only selected people, wives and lovers, or mothers and fathers. And some of us deceive only ourselves. But none of us is totally honest with everyone all the time, in all matters. Hell, the need to deceive is just one more curse that our sorry species has to bear.


A drifter, with no name, and no home; Slim Mackenzie has only one purpose in life, to kill goblins. Goblins have ruined his life, he’s tormented everywhere he goes, he finds them in plain sight. He spends his life on the road, looking towards an endless adventure.

Book Review: Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz.

The story focuses on a carnival in western Pennsylvania, where Slim meets Rya, a carnie who has the ability to see the goblins as well. Haunted by the revelation that she has made peace with them, giving the goblin’s what they wanted as long as they left her alone.

Slim’s journey is a bloody, desperate one. A man facing against a world that doesn’t even realize the threat that exists around them. That’s what makes this book so amazing. The story has a way of making you view the world as someone who can see something no one else can. The anticipation, the threat that lies around the corner, the pure trepidation really brings this story to the best seller list.

Book Review: Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz.

Hope is a constant companion in this life. It is the one thing that neither cruel nature, God, nor other men can wrench from us. Health, wealth, beloved brothers and sisters, children, friends, the past, the future – all can be stolen from us as easily as an unguarded purse. But our greatest treasure, hope, remains. It is a sturdy little motor within, purring, ticking, driving us on when reason would suggest surrender. It is both the most pathetic and noblest thing about us, the most absurd and the most admirable quality we possess, for as long as we have hope, we also have the capacity for love, for caring, for decency.


Dean Koontz if you haven’t read him is a treasure trove waiting to be devoured.

His stories are frightening, hopeful, beautiful, and hopeful. Like the quote above, his characters have a strong moral sphere that drives their passion and intensity. And in a way, the villains fill the opposite dichotomy. Devils, demons, monsters, aliens, that seek to destroy everything that makes us as a species worth being. Either to kill us, own us, or enslave us. The goblins in Twilight Eyes are of no exception.

Keep the lights on for this one.