The New Year has already begun and that means a new wave of fashion trends. Like every other year, there are some old trends that come back from the dead and some new creative trends that surface by the innovation of the designers.

Here are some trends that are anticipated to be in fashion this year:

1. Hair Clips & Head Bands:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

Hair accessories are definitely coming back to town bolder and better.

*takes out childhood hair accessory collection from the storage*

2018 being all about hair scarves, 2019 will be all about hair clips & headbands. It’s actually exciting to see hair accessories being back in trend, as we can finally say goodbye to bad hair days. Hair clips & bands will be there to rescue us, as they have been since forever. (We just abandoned them)

2. Bows:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

Whether it is dresses or hair, bows are so in! The trend was witnessed highly at the Golden Globe Awards 2019 as well. Nothing like this basic piece of accessory to give a feminine look to the whole outfit.

3. Small Bags and Fanny Packs:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

Fanny packs and small bags will be seen everywhere, Good news for people who aren’t big fans of the large bags. Perfect to fit in a few necessary things i.e. keys, wallet, lipstick, glasses. That would do for me! What I’d really like to experiment would be fanny packs with Shalwar kameez. Ha ha.

No, please don’t. Do you hear me?

I said, do you HEAR ME?!

4. Low Rise Jeans:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

If there’s one trend that we’re dreading is the ‘Low Rise Jeans’.  Please, no! I mean who wants to add one more insecurity to the list and make women be worried about their tummies. Let’s fight this trend together!

5. Neutral Tones:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

Neutral tones not just in winters but in summer and spring as well. I think it will be a good trend, as it can give room to accessorize the clothing in different ways and experiment fashion.

6. Beaded and Crochet Bags:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

I am pretty sure when I was little, I had one beaded and at least one crochet bag. Little did I know, this trend would come back years later. Might as well have saved it for now.

7. Tie Dye:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

Tie-dye is also back; yet another trend from 90’s kids’ school days. It was one of the highlights of fashion weeks last year and is already pervading our favorite retailer brands.

8. Utility Style:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019
Gauchère RTW Spring 2018

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

As consumers prioritize comfort, the designers decided to make it trending. So, good news for all of us, utility style is one of the anticipated trends of 2019 and one which I am really excited to see. That means we can wear cargo pants, baggy sweatshirts, and sneakers without looking like a homeless person. Comfort style is finally a trend, guys!

9. Cycling Shorts:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

A Big No please!

Cycling shorts are staying and I don’t understand why. It wasn’t cute when Kim Kardashian used to wear them last year and it sure isn’t cute now. They are probably trying to make a statement that not only the sporty types can wear these. Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing has already invested in the cycling shorts, so it is expected that other retailers will soon bring them out as well.

10. The Color of the Year:

Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019 Anticipated Fashion Trends 2019

Pantone-loving coral is going to be the color of the year! It is definitely going into my wardrobe. I am so in love with the beauty of this color. Imagine owning a suit in that color. OH! Whether it is a dress, pants, or an accessory, it is definitely a color to go GAGA over this year!

So, looks like the trends from early 2000s are definitely coming back with more chic and style. If by any chance you still have clothes and accessories from your early days, now is the time to bring them back, use them in your style, give it your own unique take and make it fashion.

After all, what’s fashion without a little experiment!

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