Adnan amir
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Amir Adnan’s fall collection for men is out now. As Eid is coming near all eyes are on Amir Adnan’s outlets. He has introduced some really unique designs in his fall collection. Let us tell you about the designs which he has showcased.
1. Plain Linen Round Kurta
2. Slim Fit Plain Linen Kurta
3. Cotton Regular Men Kurta
These are the main theme of Amir Adnan’s fall collection and the best part is that
everyone can get his own desired design kurta in any color he wants. DIY is now
becoming a very common trend in clothing and we couldn’t have been any

Amir Adnan Fall Collection 2017
Adnan amir sherwani collection

Amir Adnan is not just a name to any ordinary man but he is a brand and has been for the past two decades. And apparently, he is very good at it that he is able to make everyone crazy with his designs; we will not hesitate to say that he has become a Mogul in the Pakistani Fashion Industry.

His wife, Huma, also participates in giving ideas and this may be the reason why this brand is leading. That and the fact that he doesn’t repeat his work over and over again is the reason why the brand is a huge success.

Amir Adnan Fall Collection 2017
Picture of a model in sherwani

Amir Adnan’s fall collection was released on Pakistan’s 70 th Independence Day and first introduced in the PWF runway. Here we witnessed lots of fabulous dresses coming out from the house. As mentioned before, his label is too popular and now his fall collection seems to be the benchmark for other designers.

Furthermore, you will see embroidered Kurtas and Sherwanis. They have used precious stones and the embroidery is done by hand on the dresses which are why you will see the fineness of work done.

Enough about the man fashion; let’s talk about the ladies. They have used fine fabric, natural silk, crepe, lace and Lurex silk hand-made embellishment. Amir Adnan introduced casual and semi-formal wear for women. The label is also specialized in making designs on request for clients. The label is not all about dresses, they are now selling their own jewelry and everything they produce is guaranteed to be 100% handmade.

Amir Adnan Fall Collection 2017
Amir Adnan women collection 2017

The accessories that they also thought to include in this collection are nothing but bold, statement pieces. They showcase silver jewelry, so, gold lovers this is not for you. They have set precious mined stones like rubies, topaz, sapphires, and rest is all diamond on these pieces to make them irresistibly gorgeous.

The label has also introduced nightwear dresses and casual shirts to wear at home and feel relaxed. Everything they produced is made up of very comfortable material.

Amir Adnan Fall Collection 2017

Now, let’s cater to your curiosity about men wedding pieces. If you are looking for groom’s wear, the label produces immaculately designed cotton blend Sherwanis. Choose your own choice of Sherwani and wear it with churidar.

Amir Adnan Fall Collection 2017

The brand is always introducing different things which look unique and new to a seeker. It is working on everything related to fashion whether its dresses, accessories or jewellery; you can get all these things from one place.

Written by: Arslan Shahid