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Piñata, a party popper in its true sense, is in this case a group of friends who have set out to create a House of Imaginations for themselves. Coming from different backgrounds, studying in different fields and having different passions, this group of diverse individuals know how to bring things to everyone’s taste. From fashion to makeup; book reviews to wanderlust-inducing travel inspiration; beauty to skin care; sports and much, much more. Piñata is your news, entertainment, sports & fashion magazine. We provide you with the latest news and gossips straight from the entertainment industry.


Rameesha syed

She is one of the founding members of Piñata. For her, Piñata is a dream come true and this is why she’s working hard in the House of Imaginations as she crams for her BSc Politics and International Relations degree. If there’s something you should know about this girl, it is that she knows what she’s doing. She slays as MeeshaSlays, her personal blog where when you once start reading her writings you won’t want to stop. While she loves binge-watching on her numerous TV shows, Rameesha is also often found playing cricket with her little cousins.

Muhammad ali raza

Muhammad Ali Raza, or as he otherwise is known as “Call me Alee” // “The Amazing Aloo”, is doing a 3D Animation Course as he has professionally worked as a graphic designer and is working as a Video Editor at Software House. If he’s not found at some restaurant having a rather juicy piece of steak he is filming or capturing beautiful moments (that is, when he is not taking selfies of his own scrunched up/pouty face)
He is kinda sporty but sucks in every game he attempts to play. Music is his life – or Selena is; it’s either of the two. Upon meeting him, you’d see how dramatically adorable this five-year-old-stuck-inside-a-twenty-two-year-old-boy’s-body is and how he lives in the moment. This explains why his favorite quote is “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.” ― Kung Fu Panda (we told you he loved movies)
With Piñata, he is striving to show the world what he is capable of and to make his dreams come true.


A 22 year-old mom is the caption people place for her astonishingly. She has been a student of Communication Design and Fine Arts. Linkin park is a thing and she misses Chester. Childhood was all about Life House. Teens was all about Breaking Benjamin. Aruba Loves being surrounded by books, regardless of the fact that life is set up on a hover board and is stuck on the 189th page of Threee Daughters of Eve. She believes change begins from within and knows that all the negative thoughts can be vigenneted, once you know where you are going. At Piñata she is focused on the aim that it makes the sound as loud as Big-Ben could.

hammad kalim

Between worshipping football and lifting weights at the gym, he makes sure to give his best to his ACCA degree as well. An avid football fanatic, Hammad believes ‘it ain’t over till it’s over,’ and loves the fun banter that follows heated discussions about who played well and whose team deserved to win. Not liking investing time for nothing, Hammad describes himself as ‘a balance between sarcasm and wit with a hint of seriousness.’ With Piñata, Hammad wishes to marvel at his section that is Hammad’s Offside, and achieve the global recognition that a bunch of friends came up with an idea and nailed it.


While studying for BSCS, he’s also a full-stack developer working with different organizations. He loves his job and is looking forward to catering to all rational and logical demands made by the pioneers of Piñata to make the website their highlight. When he’s not being a computer genius and working his magic creating beautiful creations, Haseeb likes to work out and play chess. Haseeb might be the only person here who isn’t impressed by movies that much. For him, books are life and movies are always lacking something. He says, “No Facebook or Instagram to waste time, only books to get wiser”. Now that is something we all need to write in our life books. His favorite writers include R.L.Stine, J.K Rowling, and Stephen King among many others.


Apart from being a student of business, he’s a marketing and finance lad. Hamza says, ”I’m incapable of pitching something I myself don’t wholeheartedly believe in”. He has a passion for uncovering unique and compelling ideas and revel in knowing that he can help a lot of folks.. He’s frenzy towards writing and reading. Call it ”a restorative ability and a heal all power”. He loves music, art (following Zaria Forman) sports (more specifically NFL) and his favourite food is pizza (major weakness). This bio can go long because it never finishes on anythi…

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