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Imagine living in a world where each of your moves is being monitored, the history is alterable, falling in love is prohibited, and expressing yourself is unthinkable. Sounds torturing, doesn’t it?

This is the world in 1984!

The masterpiece is the brainchild of one of the most creative writers, George Orwell (original name: Eric Arthur Blair). It was well-received then and is still considered one of the greatest pieces of dystopian fiction ever written.

About the author:

Popularly known by the pseudonym, George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair was an Englishman born in British India in 1903. He has contributed to the literature with literary criticism, fiction, and poetry.

A peek into the plot:

1984- Stroke of a genius!
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It is a book set in an imaginary era in the year 1984 when the world is by ruled 3 major states. The state where our protagonist, Winston Smith, lives is called Oceania. The people of Oceania are ruled by the government party called “Party” led by the “Big Brother”. When we say “the people are ruled”, we mean it in the literal sense. Everyone residing within Oceania has to conform to and align their values, notions, and even thoughts with those of the Party.

The world is full of telescreens (two-way televisions), microphones, and spies. No one can trust another person. If a resident is found to be harboring rebellious thoughts, he is a “thought criminal” and is punished for it. It is a world where young children are trained to tell their parents.

1984- Stroke of a genius!

Moreover, Party continuously alters history. There is no way to trace facts. Some human memories retain a few of them, but they are not allowed to say, or even think, about it. Those who voice an opinion are disappeared, and all traces of their existence are removed. They become “unpersons”, people who had never existed.

This is the backdrop against which the story of Winston Smith is set. He is a man who works for Party but has a mind which cannot accept this totalitarian rule. He keeps his views to himself. He has, however, a firm belief that there is an underground Brotherhood planning against the government.

The book revolves around him and has many ups and downs. How he falls in love, finds some good people, gets betrayed, and a lot more. [Not sharing any further details about the story. I wouldn’t want to spoil the thriller for you.]

Personal Experience:

Generally, I have been avoiding political or heavy-with-details books lately, due to my neck-breaking schedule; 1984 is one such book. I realized it when I started it and, naturally, put it down after a few pages. However, the reviews about it had been so good that I picked it up again after a few weeks, and still thank myself for it.

The book is a definite outcome of genius, outstanding imagination. A piece of dystopian literature which carried me into the imaginary era where I could feel the frustrations, achievements, betrayals, everything.

Whether you are a reader or a writer, this book is a must-read.